The emotional impact of sound, rhythm and melody is able to create that special atmosphere you are looking for in your project. But it is not easy to find the right track right away. We, at Sonobelle, love everything about music. We love listening to it, sharing it with others and mostly, we enjoy creating it. We are no factory or anonymous stock music site. We are humans and musicians. Touchable, reachable and we care about the outcome of your project as much as you do. So, let us be part of the team.

We are offering a wide pallet of fiercely curated music and an easy way of licensing it to your specific needs. In case you don´t find what you´re looking for right away, don´t hesitate to get in touch with us about individual music consulting, cut-downs, arrangement changes or custom scores from scratch.

We work with a selection of different producers and composers. They own all the music and the rights have been pre-cleared by Sonobelle. This makes it very easy for you to license it straight from us, without losing any time in identifying right holders and negotiating license fees. For pricing, please tell us more about your project and we´ll get back to you with an offer immediately.

©  Georg Molterer

© Georg Molterer

Sonobelle Music Licensing is still a baby and is just learning to walk. Please get in touch with us via the contact sheet for any licensing requests.

Thank you,

Alexander Wieser | Music Producer & Founder